Code Of Ethics
1. To conduct ourselves and our profession so as to         inspire public confidence by fair and honorable           dealings.

2. To promote by our attitude towards the public, the         proper regard for the profession of claims                     representatives.

3. To approach the investigation of claims and/or             losses without prejudice or bias.

4.  To render complete and truthful reports of facts            and conditions bearing on the case.

5.  To disregard influences tending toward unfair                settlements, and to honestly represent our                    company in the adjustment of claims and/or                  losses.

6.  To render at all times a service of the highest               quality to the insured, claimant, and the companies      we represent.
Antitrust Statement
It is the Richmond Claims Association's intent to prevent any violation of antitrust laws at all their meetings and conferences.

Presenters and attendees at the Claims Meetings must remember that their respective firms are competitors in the marketplace and that the McCarran-Ferguson Act and the laws of some states provide the insurance industry with only a very limited immunity from federal and state antitrust scrutiny.  Therefore, presenters and attendees must exercise care during all presentations and discussions, since even innocuous discussions of certain topics might later be misinterpreted as evidence of collusion.

At the Claims Meetings, and all educational, social, and business development events connected with this meeting, there should be no discussion or agreement, formal or informal, expressed or implied, as to any matters which might give rise to an allegation of violation of antitrust laws.