Article III 

Section 1.  These guidelines apply to all categories of membership:
          (a)  The applicant shall attend at least two meetings of the Association within six months prior to submitting an application for membership;
          (b)  The applicant shall submit an application to the Secretary of the Association;
          (c)  The applicant shall have at least a majority of the members present and voting to accept the application at a regular meeting following the submission of the application;
          (d)  The applicant must be present the night of the regular meeting at which the applicant is voted on.

Section 2.  The active membership of the Association shall be composed of individuals who are (1) employees of insurance companies or independent adjusting firms; employees of claims departments of self-insureds; risk managers, agents, or brokers who are primarily engaged in loss or claims work; attorneys whose practice is approximately fifty (50) percent or more for insurers or self-insured companies; or professionals whose vocation is directly connected with the insurance industry and whose work is approximately fifty (50) percent or more for insurance companies, self-insurers, or attorneys described above; and (2) acceptable to the Association. Active members are to automatically cease upon termination of employment qualifying them for membership in the Association; provided, however, members in good standing at the time of their retirement shall be permitted to continue their membership in the Association except in situations otherwise provided in these by-laws. Any proposed active member must meet all of the guidelines applied to the general membership under Section 1 of this article.

Section 3.  Upon the written request of any member of the Association, the Grievance Committee shall consider the suggestion that a member be expelled.  Upon a two-thirds vote by the Executive Committee, the member shall be expelled.

Section 4.  Any member three months or more in arrears with dues shall be automatically dropped from the membership.  The person may be reinstated by filing a new application and submitting it with the delinquent dues.

Section 5.  Any active member in good standing whose employment ceases in claims work shall be afforded up to 90 days to seek other employment in claims in order to maintain active membership in the Association.

Section 6.  The Executive Committee may of its own motion grant Honorary Memberships and Life Memberships to individuals for long and meritorious service.  Neither Honorary or Life members have to adhere to Section 1 and they are not required to pay dues.  Honorary members shall not be permitted to vote or hold office.